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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Updating while me boring.... D:

You know how I complained bout having no traffic in the previous post?? Well, yeah…. I think I spoke too soon. In fact once I posted that post I had 10 more people visited my blog and one of them were from Australia. I was like….”WHOA! I think I spoke to fast.” :x Well, now I think I have quite a number of visitors from all over….the…Malaysia. ;)

Yeap! You bet! That is a big difference from the one in the previous post. ;D But that doesn’t mean my blog is interesting that people came to read it. They probably just stumbled on my blog. :( SSaaaaaad!

To be honest, I don’t think it just applies to me, but I think all family members at the moment are bored lifeless to the depths of our souls!!! Holy shit?? Yes….Holy shit indeed. Now, I don’t intend to sound like some Gospel pastor trying to preach about how bored we are but if it does sound so…..then….. I don’t give a damn! xD

The souls of my brethren are now crying out to the heavens with the many different desires to satisfy what we lack in our once awaited holidays, now already-in-the-midst holidays! Some cry the cry of.. “ I WANNA GO OUT!!!!” …. “I WANT A CAR!!!”… “ SEND ME SOMETHING TO DO!!!”…. “GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HOME!!!”. Indeed my friends, certainly and most truly, we live the life of Boredom with a capital B. SIIIIGGGGHHH!!! Of course we don’t expect a car to fall from heaven, or even heavenly transportation out of the house, but come on!! We do at least get something,…right??? D:

Oh well, yeah I was just gonna update you about how bored most of us without a car are. Pray for us…and I shall end with an..Amen. So….Amen. 

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