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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The day when I didn't know happy from sad.

It was a pretty weird day today I would say. On the 3rd of May 2011, results of semester three of the foundation course were released. It was the time awaited by many HELP students, and it was filled with tension and anxiousness (not o mention student vulgarity too).

The morning began with awesome rainy weather, perfect for going back to bed because I was so not in the mood of knowing results. And then there was the traffic jam which didn’t make things feel any better. Once I reached college, I met up with Gma, Mom, Dad, Uncle, and I went straight to the lab to await results release. The tension I felt was…..was… great that I ……..yawned??? Yeah I know it’s weird but I yawn a lot when I’m nervous and when I have butterflies in my tummy. I’m weird that way I guess…..

At exactly 9:08 on my phone, results were released, and I was jumping for joy for myself. Those around me in the lab too were with me because we all passed. Even though some didn’t pass all, they were at least glad they didn’t fail more than one. So, with that I walked out of the lab feeling great for myself…..didn’t think I was being quite selfish though, nothing occured to me about my friends till I saw them as I walked towards upper foyer. Gma was the first I noticed in tears, and I knew something didn’t quite turn out well. Mama was next, although she wasn’t in tears just yet, she started crying when I asked if she was okay. The joy I felt for having being done and over with Foundation just dispersed to God knows where. Yes, I felt happy no longer. I was stupid for me going around asking Gma, “are you okay?”, when obviously she wasn’t. I guess I did so because I didn’t really know what exactly I could say to make her feel better. I felt sad too. As for mama, I guess I tried cheering her up by being there for her. I hope I eased things off a bit. :s SIGH!!

Honestly, I didn’t know what to feel.  I felt between Night and Day...
Between happy and sad.......

To begin with, it’s not like I got HD’s to be bouncing for joy anyway. Guess I couldn’t help but feel sad for my friends who didn’t quite make it through. I hope they will get through with this last semester, and I do with all my heart wish them all the best. You have my back :) HELP-ings. We’re Family! :) Since I am quite free till September when I resume with degree, I’m willing to give a hand to anyone with assignments.

Well, that would wrap up the highlights of today I suppose. Nothing much to laugh or be happy bout, but definitely something to remember, to keep in mind. 

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