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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Yo yo yo!! I’m really sorry for such a late update. Really am….will you forgive me? *puppy eyes* 

It’s not a good enough reason to stop reading riiiight??? :D

Anyway, I’m here with the sole purpose of updating you guys with the stuff you missed out on over the past month. It has only been a month so stop your whining. ;D

The reasons why I haven’t been on time with the current stuff happening is because…:
1) Assignments were just overwhelming. URGH!!

2) Presentations were being prepared. Another..URGH!!!

3) By the time I’m done with those just felt like gaming xD (what an ass excuse right? I know I know.)

4) I only had like..a week or two for enjoying before the nightmare began. Yes people…I’m talking about EXAMS! FINAL EXAMS mind you.

So are those reasons good enough to satisfy your “Why isn’t this jack*** updating this jacked** BLOG??!!” Well I hope so coz…really I don’t wanna lose my readers although most of them are the family members and no one else outside really. :O *puppy eyes*

So….first things first. The very first memorable event while I was away was APRIL THE 1st where we celebrated the birthday of our dear beloved Grandma, CHRISTY.

Awwww look at her…so cute right?? Now you know where I got my “cute” genes from. >:D

The best thing about the celebration was the fact that the day wasAPRIL FOOL’S and everyone were being really retarded that day. But I guess in this family, everyone is retarded. ;D The memorable parts began when everyone were getting ready to surprise grandma at Sushi King in Jaya1. Sister Bubbles, Daddy Ashwin, Uncle Justin, and Brother Cubby were in this plan to just make Gma cry outta happiness. We had a few non-family members as well and a “going-to-be-new-family-member”. Denzie Cheah, Stephy Foong, Joyee Khoo, and Katherine MEOW MEOW (ahem…I meant Yeong. Katherine Yeong^^). Half of the surprise party waited for Gma at Shushee King, while the other half were keeping Gma busy busy and occupied. Thanks to Uncle Justin and Dad everything went fine despite Uncle’s almost-screw-up by mentioning “surprise party” when Gma was around. :O Lucky for us he didn’t wreck anything, and lucky for him he didn’t wreck the plans. >:D I was one of those in the waiting party, and boy did she take freaking hours to come! Sheeesh I swear I could’ve died of starvation! But the wait was worth it. :) Once Gma came in she had a shock of her 19th birthday, she stoned for a good couple of minutes before almost crying. (There there now don’t you cry too!) Yeah…we made Gma happy that day. And we’re glas that we did. =D

 See this shit?? THEY MADE ME EAT IT. D: and BOY did it hurt. Like really bad…but I survived. HAHA! 

Yeap….that’s me when I ate that green shit. MAN!!

I just had to put this in. We look alike!!....right?? ><

And finally…the finishing photo of the celebration. We had heaps of fun.

Besides celebrating Gma's bday, we were by then towards the end of 3rd semester which is the last semester for some of us. Since these some which includes me were leaving, we were kinda feeling the..."missing-our-friends-already" feeling. Some of the college peeps are transferring to different colleges while some are gonna have a 4th sem in foundation and others moving on to degree either in business or psychology. Great gramps, Klex, won't be in HELP uni any more since he's pursuing an IT career and would be transferring to INTI college. I tried persuading him not to go, but i can't stop him from living his dream. Besides, I dont't even intend to stop him. :) Its just that once we've all built that bond in friendship (Family) we will definitely miss each other once we're not around. That applies to all of us, the HELP-ings family, I hope. :D 

We've already started to worry about each other looong before finals were even close. We would often say, "Hey guys, its almost the end of the semester. Sigh...Its already been one year in foundation and it feels like it was just yesterday since our orientations." Then we would begin reminiscing the past, on our first impressions of one another. :) We'd then laugh our worries away only for them to return after a day or so. :( Yes...the HELP-ings may not be having those awesome times as much as we did before. Sad to does look like the end of the road for us. HOPEFULLY AND I PRAY TO GOD IT'S not. I may be wrong, but heck it feels like I'm losing something really special.:'(
GGPA took about 100 photos of himself and many other individuals as all of which are his friends and teachers, and of members. Here are some...check em out. :D 

As you can see I only picked the ones with family members because this is STRICTLY FAMILY!<3 

Don’t mind my stupid face…if you notice carefully I was on the verge of laughter. X))

It has definitely come to an end already. Final exams are over…there were tears and joys from the very beginning, hope there will be more to come for the better. These fun times we had…unimaginably amazing and unforgettable, will always be cherished by me. Hopefully all family members will too because, I love you guys. I wouldn’t have made it through the foundation without you. You guys are awesome…and even if we may be apart because of different courses and colleges, we will still be together at heart. <3

I’m not sure if you’ve notice something different, but…YES, WE HAVE FINALLY GOT A FAMILY PHOTO! WOOOHOOO!!! And looks like we have a new member to the family, Katherine Yeong MEOW MEOW. I’ll write and introduce her in the following post/posts. Stick around in case this ain’t the end. I love my family. <3<3<3<3

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